To Have More Or To Become More

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I see life as a choice between being the most you can be and acquiring the most you can get. I don't believe there is a middle ground or you can have it both ways.


Everyday of our lives we make decisions that push us along one of the two paths. You either make a decision because you find it financially rewarding (now or in the future) or because the decision completes you. 

A lot of us find it very hard to separate the two -- a decision made based on financial gain and one made purely for fulfillment. But I'm going to show you the test that will help you distinguish the two. It's a two step test involving two questions. The first is to ask yourself, "If I had all the money in the world would I still go ahead with this decision?" The second question is, "If I had all I need in life what would I really want to do?"

If your answer to the first question is yes, then it shows there's a genuine value in your decision. If it's no, you should reconsider your decision. But don't be tempted into considering a "Yes" answer as meaning you are doing it for pure fulfillment sake and "No" answer as an indication of you doing it for financial gain. This is actually a dummy question as far as our goal is concerned. Dangote still makes a lot of financial gain decisions even though he has no money needs.

So to the second question, the real question. You will notice it's not a "Yes" or "No" question. The question tells you to forget about all your material needs and focus on deeper things. Could be family or your true career desire or just adventures you've always dreamed of going on. Occasionally, you might have a list of answers, more than one thing you would rather spend you life doing if you had nothing to worry about. It's absolutely normal. We are a complex being and the greatest journey in life is the journey of self-discovery. And often the toughest journey too. If your answer (or one of your answers) is not reflected in the decision you want to make, they you can be sure you are making it for financial gain. It's not bad and depending on your stage/state in life, it could be your best decision.

Life is a twice written scroll. You'll always get a chance to rewrite, once, whatever you've written. Most people start their lives trying to acquire as much as they can and then try to become the most they can be. But there are a few who write the same thing on the scroll when the opportunity to rewrite the scroll comes. They either go for wealth squarely or personal fulfillment squarely.

I aim to be in the personal fulfillment squarely category. I plan to be the most I can be without any thoughts for what I can acquire. I want to write want I really want on my scroll and not have to wait for a second chance. I don't want to put off my true dreams to a more convenient time. I don't want to start a family first before starting my real life. 

Every time I face the choice to have more or to become more, I try hard to choose to become more. 


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