The One That Got Away

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The easiest way to get a smile is to give a smile.

As human, we all have the same basic reactions/emotions. We are always fascinated by the giggle of a child. We look at a beautiful girl twice, at least. (I think for girls, they dream about a handsome guy twice, at least). We take every frank "No" too personal. We find a set of people that have a specific look attractive beyond reason. We find it impossible to accept that someone else is smarter, even when it's obvious. I think it's called the illusion of equality, everyone thinks, putting all aspects into consideration, he is the equal of the greatest man his age. We love to talk about the people that intimidate us. We are blind to our weaknesses. We overrate our strengths. We enjoy the company of the people who make our stupidity look normal. 

At the core, we are no different than nomadic ancestors. Just with more fluff, and big grammar.

For about three years now, I have been trying to be in constant touch with the inner me. To let go of the superficial and big grammar. To be unashamed of the real me. To look every beautiful girl thrice (the truth is, it's usually a reflex action). To stop pretending that my friends are frank to me, especially about my stupidity. To stop deceiving myself that I know my weaknesses. To constantly remember that I overrate my strengths. To stop trying not to get offended when I'm offended. I have stopped rationalizing my taking offence; I now take offence on purely emotional basis. If I feel offended then I'm offended, whether it makes sense or not.

But there is one that got away. Not being ashamed of my illusion of equality. You'll never find me say I'm as good or great as anyone, popular or unpopular. Why? I've got extreme narcissism, I only think of myself.


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