Finally Discovered A Business Skill I Have

I have got sweet hands. I guess that's the proper way to refer to being able to sweet talk with typed words. 

It's just over a month since quitting my job and I've only made N8,000 from my business and $80 from blogging. Spent almost N100,000 already, despite having done all my company set-up expenses long before retiring, even till business cards. But within this same period, I have written my way into getting a ticket to 2 high value closed events, written my way to meeting and getting a deal with a big business man, written my way into getting a second chance and a slot in the NLI Future Leaders Seminar, and written my way into being one of the most expected participant at this November Microsoft MVP summit. And also written my way into getting a late speaking slot at an international Telecoms conference, but backed out when I saw the compulsory sponsorship fee I must pay.

And there are some other little successes and opportunities as a result of my typed words.


So I'm focusing on my strength. I'm going to generate as much content as I can. I'm going to keep writing for opportunities, for events I'm not qualified to attend, to speak at conferences I can't afford, and generate so much online content (videos inclusive) till I figure out a way to make money off this accidental skill.

Now I'm writing about 10 articles per week. Daily for my blog, 3ce a week for my company blog. And occasional guest posts for other blogs. Then I've resumed making YouTube video tutorials. And I'm also making Windows Phone Apps. And practicing web apps. I have been turning down individual training offers as I'm focusing on corporate clients. So I decided to do an online Excel training offer and pour myself into 500 people at once rather than 1 person at a time. Even though I'll be spending to put in place the amazing training system I'll use. I prefer spending to train many than getting paid to train just one person. 

So I can proudly say I've got a business skill that opens doors (and hoping will make me money): an ability to write compelling mails. 


  1. Congratulations. Good to see that you are making progress. All the best

  2. Thanks!

    And yes, writing does have a therapeutic effect on me. (to be continued on your blog comment box)


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