Chasing A Dream

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For some of us the conventional life is a damning life. Our interests are different from most people's. We live on same earth with others but our worlds are different. Living a great life to us is living on our own terms. And fulfilment is all about chasing a dream.

If you ask most people what they would like to change about the world, they would keep talking to you for the next half an hour. But if you ask me what I would like to change about the world, my mind goes blank. Since my October 2009 poem I have lost all my desire to change the world. I seldom think about the world nor my role in it. I'm obsessed with chasing my own dream. A dream that has little to do the with the world. I see myself more as a pilgrim concerned more about his journey than the places he pass through.

Maybe it's because I never seem to really fit anywhere. My habits are unconventional. Even after trying to reform, I still find it more convenient to write a long article than to make a short call. And I dread picking phone calls. No logic behind it just the strange reality. I don't find any book too big to read. I don't remember the faces from my childhood but I do remember all the books I read growing up, even the ones I didn't understand.

So I thought it best to focus on what I'm good at and not bother about the rest. To view perfection as specialization. To make the most of every weird ability I have got. To lose sight of the world and focus on my own world that lies within. To chase an individualistic dream. A dream that starts and ends with me. One of self discovery, creativity and adventure.


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