My Entrepreneurial Journey So Far

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It has been 52 days since quitting my job. I have only made N8,000 from the my business and spent more than double my estimated expenses. I just realized yesterday that I don't have a sales strategy. I'm still torn between doing what I enjoy and doing what will keep me from starving. By all quantitative measures, I'm 10 times worse off than when I was still an employee. People still wonder why I couldn't have retained my job and build my business on the side. And worse of all, I don't see any improvement in my state happening soon.

Nevertheless, those 52 days have been the best of my life. For once, I can feel myself at the driver's seat of my corporate life. I make all my high level decisions. I now own the one thing that is most valuable to me -- my time. I decide my work hours, who's call to pick, who to take serious and what work to work on. I know I'm probably managing my corporate life worse than the job system was doing it for me, but I'm a fast learner. And with the help of the impending harsh reality, I will definitely learn fast. My growth is no longer tied to a rigid system. My work life and personal life are now integrated. I work when I'm most energized and creative, no longer for a rigid 8am -- 5pm. I think on my bed, where I think best, and not on a work chair. I chose who to work for or partner with, not who someone else partners me with. I chose what work I feel is worth my time, no longer every work that is shoved at me. And for once, I can feel the raw power of my thoughts, how they daily shape my life unshackled to a system outside my control.


For me the entrepreneurial journey has been an emotional and personal journey. One of building my life the way I want it. I remember my 2010 poem where I stated that I like the person I'm turning into but dislike the world I'm moving into. Now I can say I like both the person I'm turning into and the world I'm moving into (a world I chose). 


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