The Joy Of Creating Value

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Yesterday was a wonderful day for me. 
Remember the US NGO I talked about in my April 1 post, that matched me with, to train their staff on Microsoft Excel. Well the first phase of the training happened on Monday, and the feedback I got yesterday was awesome. The training coordinator was extremely happy and sent me the second best mail I have gotten this month (second to the MVP award mail). And I also gave a presentation somewhere else, which went better than I expected.

Also, I have completely rebuilt my company site, You can check it out. Already putting my new web skills to practical use.

There's a joy that comes with knowing you've created something of value. Even when you are not paid for it. And it's a joy I now experience very often. I often get amazing and joy-filling mails (+ BBM messages) from very nice people about my blog posts, how they have been of value to them. And it has been my biggest motivation to keep writing daily.

I owe most of my knowledge and skills to helping people for free. I have learned more Excel tricks by helping people than by reading books. Freely sharing my knowledge online has deepened my knowledge of finance, stocks investing, writing, teaching and ICT. And best of all, creating value has made me more valuable. I get lots of opportunities, paid and non-paid, because of the good reputation creating value has gotten me. And people hardly doubt my competence. In fact, I believe most people over estimate it. They think I can do things I'm sure I can't.

I've resumed being active as a UN online volunteer and almost getting my next project. I would be writing a business environment analysis article on Nigeria for an NGO.

Finally, I want to say a big thanks to everyone that gave me a phone app idea. I will be sure to give you a feedback soon.


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