How To Train Your Dragon

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Are you embarking on an impossible mission? One you are all alone at. No one else around you is on a similar mission. And you often feel helpless because of the overwhelming obstacles you meet, and then stupid because no one thinks you need embark on the mission. It's like going after a dragon, not to kill it, but to own it and train it. It's impossible and makes no sense. And I'm going to show you how to do it -- how to train your dragon.


First, I am not implying that I've done it before or on-course to doing it. Even my quitting my job to build my own business doesn't come close to it. Though I'm taking an impossible route to achieving my business goal, I do have a lot of support and compatriots. My knowledge on this special topic is completely from all the great books I've read about it.

So here are the steps to going about it successfully:

1. Have Your Own Definition Of Success
You are on a unique mission. The last thing you need is someone who has little knowledge of your goal and ideals deciding for you what success is. You have to think out what success will mean to you, forgetting about what the world expects success to be. You need to have your own unique definition of success.
Even me who is not on a dragon training mission, I avoid people who tell me that I could have achieved more if I had done this or done that. What makes them feel that achieving more is my goal? My life's manual is not based on Forbe's list. Success to me is not inching closer to getting on that list. Success to me is doing whatever I want for whatever transient reason I have, regardless of whether it makes me poorer or richer.
And success to you will be much more unconventional. You are embarking on a mission no one believes is worth it; you will need a definition of success that will make sense to only you.

2. Live Like Everything Is a Miracle
Since achieving your goal will be a miracle, it's time you began getting used to miracles. Albert Einstein says you either live as if everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle. In your own case you have one option, the everything is a miracle option.
So how do you live like everything is a miracle? It starts with thinking nothing is impossible. Then acting as if nothing is impossible. And dedicating resources to achieve your impossible mission.

3. Follow Your Dream
In this case, your impossible mission.

And who are those I know who followed this path? Who had impossible missions no one thought were worth it? 
Jesus Christ, even his closest disciples didn't see the need for his crucifixion and deserted him the night before it. 
Joan of Arc, our perfect example of the equality, or possible superiority, of women. 
And Johannes Gutenberg, the most important man of the renaissance and the least honored. 


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