Why You Need To Give Your Best Stuff Away

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First of all, I don't mean your house or car or iPad. I'm talking about your innovative creations. 

All the jobs I have gotten, recommendations I have gotten and awards I have gotten were because of the numerous high quality stuff I gave away. The several hours I spent after work helping other departments with their own work. The helpful tips I give away for free online. The selfless service I put into volunteer works. And my obsession with giving my best whether I'm getting paid for it or not.

And to encourage you to do the same, to always give away your best stuff even when you don't see value coming back to you, I will be sharing the positive impact giving away my best have had on me.

  1. I stopped hoarding information or anything of value for fear of someone else benefiting more from it than me. On the surface, it doesn't look like a benefit. But since having the mindset of always giving away every valuable knowledge and idea I have, I have been constantly having ideas and valuable knowledge. I'm now experiencing the infinite mindset. I don't ever feel like I'm going to lose anything if anyone steals my idea or better his life more than mine by using the valuable knowledge I share. Everyday I wake up I'm constantly attracting new ideas and valuable knowledge, so much that I can't run out of them.
  2. I became valuable to a lot of people. Even the people who don't like know that Michael is a source of free help they can readily use. It's not there is much value in being valuable and not getting paid for it, but it's way better than not being valuable and not getting paid for it too.
  3. All the money I have made from my business, since I began it as a part time biz in October 2012, has been from referral from people I did great free work for and people who stumbled on my high quality free online materials. Even the Microsoft MVP award I got is a product of giving away my best always and mostly for free.
  4. People trust me, even to heights that alarm me. And I believe it's because they don't see me as a gain seeking fellow. 
  5. Self discovery. Nothing hides a man from himself more than money. Money distorts our reality fields. That's why you'll see people do what they hate when they are offered money. So being able to work without the influence of money has helped me a lot to figure out the things I really enjoy doing and the things I would only do for the sake of money. I became more aware of myself, which was the first step to deciding to choose myself.
  6. Best of all, I became more social. I no longer feel like there is anything I shouldn't say. Could be bad for some people. But for me, it's like trying to mend the mast of a sinking ship. I'm already spilling my mind on my blog to thousands of people daily, why trouble myself with concealing it from just one or two persons I'm meeting in a social gathering. Luckily, I'm always having good and funny thoughts in my mind which often make me not boring to gist with (till I run out of gist).
I hope with these I have been able to convince you and not to confuse you that it's best to always give your best stuff away.

Thank you!


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