How To Live A Thousand Times

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It is said that he who does not read only lives once while a bibliophile lives a thousand times.

It really doesn’t matter what type of books you read – fiction, biographies, autobiographies, college books or certification guides – as long as you read a lot and read lots of books, you will find out that every book is to some degree an autobiography. An author always leaves a part of himself in his book.
The best part is all bibliophiles read novels or biographies. They get to experience lives that are not theirs. They get to live the lives of a thousand people. They begin to see life from a thousand different perspectives and are able to think broadly. They are able to see patterns others don’t know exist. They are able to connect life’s dots in amazing ways. And they are able to live a thousand times.

(I'm typing this at past 2:00am; the Future Leaders Seminar is quite intense. Starts from 7:00am and ends late at night. Today, we had Minister Olusegun Aganga and a member of Akwa Ibom house of representatives speak to us.)



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