The Eko Atlantic City: we really need it

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The Eko Atlantic city is an artificial city Lagos is creating by filling the shores of the Atlantic Ocean around Bar Beach. It's going to be big enough to accommodate close to half a million inhabitants (you can triple that 'cos this is Lagos, even Lag Bus carries thrice it's intended passengers). It's funded by lots of banks and private investment firms.

But why do I say we need it?
Hey, it's very obvious. Lagos is over populated, everywhere in Lagos is choked with people. We need to move some of them across the ocean. Even if there are the usual unintended catastrophes, like some part of the china made land disappearing overnight. It's a sacrifice for progress. The type we are all accustomed to. 

The truth is there is nothing wrong with this project. Singapore has lots of artificial cities, even their 5 star airport is built on reclaimed land. Projects like this are being done since the 1970s (even before), the technology is already robust and well tried. They are as safe as a bridge, a well-built one. And it's already giving us lots of positive attention in the investment world (which is what I like the most about it). 

I have been reading about the project and the lands/properties on sale. If I win a lottery today, I'll seriously consider owning something there. I heard land there is way cheaper than in VI and Ikoyi. There will be 24/7 electricity. Underground water pipes. Underground drainage system. Underground electricity distribution system. And maybe underground trains too.

Today is Monday, and to put you in an upbeat mood, I'll be sharing with you the pictures of Eko Atlantic City.

I can't wait for them to finish. I need to pose beside some of these buildings for photographs.


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