What does it mean to be wealthy


To some, it is to become the CEO of a big company.
To another set of people, it is to have 500 million naira spread across real estate, investments and bank accounts.
And to another some, it is to own a chain of businesses.
Finally, to yet another some, it is to be able to afford all they need.

Which category do you fall under?
For me, I want to be able to afford all I need. That is what being wealthy means to me.

Being the self-obsessed type, always thinking about my life and examining every aspect of it, I have identified all my possible needs -- the ones I would like to be able to afford.

1. Food, Clothing and Shelter
They are the bare necessities of life. I would like to be able to afford -- for me and my family -- good food, good clothing and a palatial house.
This need is pretty straight forward and it's a need we all have. So, I'll move on to the next need.

2. Just a little more Food, Clothing and Shelter
Here is one of the less straight forward needs.
When I go to a restaurant, be it a 100 star restaurant, and I look at the menu, I should be able to afford any food item on it without feeling like I just did something dumb.
My wardrobe and my kids' should be filled with clothes we want, and not affordable ones we don't want.
And I would like to flip luxury houses, for biz and leisure.

3. Afford every emergency money can fix
I'm not yet rich and I have an emergency fund. I rank having insurance (nearly all sorts of insurance) accounts over bank accounts. I've seen what havoc a small but very expensive emergency can wreak.
I would like to be able to afford every emergency money can fix. As for the ones money can't fix; they add fun to life. They make us realize that we've got to make the most of each moment, to live fully everyday because we never know what might happen the next day. 

4. To give everything away
This sounds out of place. But it's one of my needs. I have great ideas, ideas I would like to test out. I have lived all my life in Nigeria, and plan to live the rest here. I have seen all that is wrong and all that could be improved. If I were to make a business case of how to change Nigeria and replicate the miracle South Korea did a few decades back, I would easily fill a 1000 pages.
I would like to have enough to try out all of them.

And how do I intend to become that rich? 

Lol. I don't know. And I'm not really bothered. I only care about my life goal. But if someday you hear that I call myself wealthy, then you can be sure of what I mean.

I have never been wealthy before (either by association, work or luck) and I wouldn't change a thing in my life, even if God asks me like he asked Solomon. For me life is about adding value, and it begins with my attitude, the value I place on others and being positively creative.

And you? What does being wealthy mean to you?


  1. "For me life is about adding value, and it begins with my attitude, the value I place on others and being positively creative."


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