An Excel worksheet to help plan your marketing campaign budget

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Today, I will be sharing a worksheet that you can use to plan your marketing campaign budget.

You can download the Marketing Budget Worksheet here.

This time around, I did the lazy man's approach. This worksheet is a Microsoft Excel template sheet, I did minor format changes. But it's going to work great. 

Now you know some of my secrets -- I often use Microsoft Office templates. There are lots of wonderful Excel applications you can access for free by just searching the Office Templates. Start exploring them!

This past week has been extremely busy for me. I just completed the registration of my Business Consulting firm. I'm working on the tax documents, corporate account, company seal/stamp and a lot of things. I also have a lot of pending Excel tasks; I have some offers I didn't even get back to the clients on. The good side is they get the feeling that I must be very good to be always busy.

BTW, happy new month (sorry, it's coming 4 days late). I was thinking about my goals for this year, and I'm happy to say I've met them all. Unfortunately, they weren't big goals, not big enough to brag about. They were all simple goals like reading more, growing my secondary income, and living a more organized life.

See you tomorrow.


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