How to become a real hero

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We all want to be a hero, at least, somebody's hero.

In today's post I'll be sharing with you the sure way to becoming a hero, a real hero. 


Since none of us really care about the definition of a hero and being a hero is more of a heart thing, I will skip my usual elaborate definition. I will just go straight to steps you need to take to become a real hero.

1. Be Real
This is no play on words. To become a real hero, you first need to be real.
Let go of people's expectations and be the real you. Learn to express yourself consistently. Don't let friends push you into living a double life. Don't let anyone make you feel you are too low. Don't let anyone kill your self-esteem. Be real, the real you.
Everyday, I see lots of people trying to be who they are not. 20 year old John forming foreign accent on phone to impress a girl. 50 year old Ahmed who has never said "I'm sorry" to any of his children for over 20 years. 24 year old Lara who wouldn't pick her mum's call while amidst friends. 60 year old Ngozi who keeps talking about things that never happened.

To be a real hero, you need to be real.

2. Have Charisma
Charisma is that strong positive influence the people we admire have on us. 
I have read Apostle Paul's epistles over a hundred times this year, partly because I read 3 chapters of the bible daily. Whenever I read his letters I often feel the words, like I'm Tertius, hearing him dictate it to me to write down. My mind conceives an image of an old lean man with a bald head, speaking some of the most powerful words I have ever heard. 
Charisma is what made Adolf Hitler a god to other Germans at the start of the World War 2. 
Charisma is what helped Obama become the first black president of the US.
Charisma is what makes a man special.
And you, my friend, can have that charisma. Buy and read How to win friends and influence people. Practice, practice and practice. And soon, you'll become a man of charisma. 

Sounds simple? 

3. Outlive Yourself
Spend your life on things that will outlive you. Your family, a noble cause, a big goal, or as a go-to-guy [always helping others].

Finally, a word of caution. Don't take this hero stuff too far; don't make it an obsession. The truth is when you die, whether the nation goes on a 1 year mourning or only your kinsmen mourn you, you won't notice the difference. In fact, you won't notice at all. But if you live right, you will always be someone's hero.


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