How I achieved my 2013 new year resolutions

Yippee! I can successfully prepare for the coming year, 2014. Why? I have achieved my 2013 new year resolutions. Or goals, sounds better. 
And in today's post, I'll show you how I did it. How I achieved all my 2013 goals.

1. I made 3 new year resolutions.
To achieve a new year resolution, you have make a new year resolution. So that was where I started from. In January 2013, I didn't just make 1 new year resolution; I made 3. 

I told myself that I was going to read more books that I have done in any year before, and about only the things that interest me. Unfortunately, my work training materials do not interest me and I was faithful not to read them. I read investment books, finance books, Excel programming books, self-development books and biographies of great men. I also read the manuals for my Microsoft tablet, my shirt and my N3,500 phone. I always read the manuals of things I buy.

I also told myself that I would grow my part-time biz. Now, I have more work offers than I can handle. If things keep getting better, I'll resign and be my own boss full-time.

Finally, I told myself I would become more outgoing. This was the only goal I didn't achieve the way I intended, I was planning to become an extrovert. I did become more outgoing, but ended up as an online extrovert. Not the offline one I was intending. Anyway, goal achieved.

2. I made plans for achieving the goals
I subscribed for online courses on coursera. I bought lots of books this year. I read for more hours than I sleep. And I write, which requires an enormous amount of reading. 

Most people don’t know my day job, but they all know that I’m a Microsoft Excel Consultant. Google “Microsoft Excel Consultant in Nigeria” and I’m nearly all you’ll see.

I'm out nearly every Saturday and Sunday. This year, I have had more busy weekends than work days. 

3. I enjoyed the journey
I didn't do anything that didn't interest me. I made sure I enjoyed the journey to achieving my 2013 goals. Every single day this year has been a new day. No two days were the same. If I have to tag this year, I'll say " 2013, my year of me." This year, I have been 100% me. I didn't try to please anyone. I didn't try to look good before anyone. I didn't care about people's opinions. Everyday, I think up a new idea or old idea, and work on it. 

And one of my favorite quotes this year is -- The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time. Abraham Lincoln


  1. Hahaha. Brilliant.

    Sadly, I find it hard to make resolutions for any "new year". My 'resolutions' are more like themes for new phases of my life. Hard to sync that with any calendar.

    Had my hand in lots of pies, so 2013 was pretty fun and fast.

    Can't stop laughing at your offline/online thing. Well, the trick is not to slow down. #2014's almost here.......


  2. Seems it's same for everyone -- 2013 has been fast.

    I'll try not to slow down.



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