may be the best thing to happen to your online fashion shopping

, , 2 comments is the best thing to happen to my online shopping!

And like the Australian guy in this review and countless people worldwide, it's Godsend. They offer some of the craziest sales, and great brands too! The best part is -- shipping is free! Free even to Nigeria! F-r-e-e!

The snapshot above is my order confirmation for one River Island Cufflinks. Yes, just one. Why? Shipping is free; I can buy just what I need without fear of paying more for shipping that the price of the product. Happened to me on several occasions; I had to buy more than what I need just to max out the value for the shipping cost.

Here's how I got to know about 
I saw a colleague at work wearing a cool dress shoe. It was so cool I couldn't keep my cool, so I told him I want a dress shoe like that. He said -- "Type into your internet browser, and order for it. It costs £20." I thought he was joking. Then he told me about all the other people he knows who buy stuffs on 

I did my own digging online and for the first time in several years, I felt like I'm joining an online party a little late. Where was I? They've got an equivalent of CNET Editor's choice rating, 5 stars. The reviews online are the best I've seen for any online store besides In fact, I went back to order more stuffs. I became very sure of their credibility. A lady living in Lekki even posted pictures of her orders, when they arrived. I began meeting people who have bought stuffs off the store.

The peculiar things about the store are that the prices are a bargain, largest UK fashion online store, delivery is free to Nigeria and excellent customer service + free return policy.


  1. The specialist website provides a modern look and the sleek to provide clients probably the most convenient online shopping experience. Fsession is getting excited about provides the benefits of online shopping in the client’s fingertips to be able to high-quality and low-cost clothing attire and components may be easily available to everybody. It gives attributes looking by selecting merchandise, brand or value to ensure that customers may be no problem finding out their preferred goods. The web site offers on-line payment method and shipping global free with no fuss procedures.
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  2. Asos is one of the best UK online store that deliver to Nigeria. The only problem is that some of the Nigerian ATM cards are not accepted on the website.
    When I bought my stuff from the website, I used a Nigeria Prepaid card and it was accepted. I got my goods few days later.


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