An Excel Application to help plan your savings towards a project or a big event

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Today, I'll be sharing an Excel Application that will help you plan your savings towards a project or  event. 

You can download the Savings/Project Planner Application here.

Here's how it works --

  • Enter the date you intend to begin saving for the project or event
  • Enter the last date for savings, may be the date you'll have to carry out the project or pay for the event
  • Specify if you want to save daily, weekly, every 2 weeks, or monthly.
  • Enter the Project cost
  • Enter any prior savings you've made
  • And that's all
You'll see the dashboard showing you how much you need to save daily or weekly or monthly or yearly to meet the goal.

I hope lots of you planning towards a big project like building/buying a house, furthering your studies, or wedding, will find this very useful.

1 comment:

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