Need to send a bulk email or SMS? Here is a special tool I have been using to make the task easier

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I call it the Bulk SMS and Email Parser.

I administer a bulk SMS account opened under Cellulant. And recently, Cellulant changed the entire interface. The former system worked great for sending bulk SMS to an Excel list of contacts. But this new system has been giving me e-headaches.

What I now do is, I send the SMS to 30 people at a time using the regular type-out-the-recipients-phone-numbers section. The only problem is I have to type out the phone numbers one after the other and separated by comma (,). And I've got over 300 people to SMS to twice a month. Even if I have the time, I do not have the motivation to do that. So I came up with this nifty Excel tool. It will automatically combine the phone numbers and put a comma between them.

Here's the tool - Download Bulk SMS and Email Parser

And it works great for emails too. So next time you want to send emails to all your clients or colleagues and don't want to type the comma after each email address, use this tool.

I won't be able to write much today; I urgently need to buy a suit for the Lighthouse Toastmasters Change of Guard event this Saturday. I've seen one I like a lot; I only hope it won't be like most of my shoe/shirt purchases. I envy those of you who have, nearly by instinct, a good fashion sense. I believe it's a big gift. Fashion mistakes have cost me as much as the numerous books I have bought. And I don't think I've learned much from the mistakes.


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