MVP #24: How to force Excel into printing what you want and on 1 page

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My colleague at work was working on an Excel document, it was an official document and he needed to get it printed out right. But Excel kept splitting the document into two pages and in a very annoying way.

So I helped him out. And today, I'll be sharing the how-to. Someday, when you get into a similar situation you can be sure to come back to this post for straightforward help and not let Excel frustrate you.

I have made a sample file for today's demonstration.

As usual, it's a random sales data table.

When I click on Print, the Print Preview shows me 2 pages. It has split my table without my permission.

But I want it all on one page.

Here's how to force Excel to put everything on one page.

From the Print Preview page, click on Page Setup

You'll see a dialog box like the one below

You need to change the Scaling from the default of Adjust to 100% normal size to Fit to 1 page(s) wide by 1 tall

And that's all!

The print preview will now show everything on a single page.

So, now you know how to force Excel to print your document on just one page.

Yeah, I'm giving you a bonus tip.
If you have so many tables in the Excel sheet and you want to print only a particular table. Or you want to print just a part of what you have on the Excel sheet. All you need to do (before even going to Print Preview) is to set Printing Area.
And here's the how-to.

Select the portion of the Excel sheet you want to print.
Go to Page Layout and click on Print Area, Set Print Area.

And that's it!

Print Preview will only show the selected range you set as the Print Area.

Congrats! Now you know how to make Excel print your documents the very way you want.


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