Best Free Training Resources For Learning Python And R For Data Analysis

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I have trained a class of people who paid hundreds of thousands of Naira to learn data analysis with R and I have equally paid a lot in books and online training to horn my R skills. For Python, I haven't yet trained a class on it but I have paid a lot too on books and courses to learn it.

Hands down, the best training resource is hands-on projects. After that, training classes and books rule. And today I will be sharing with you the best free training resources I have personally used. They all deliver better value that some of the resources I paid for.

Let's start with R
1. You can't beat Udacity's real-world project based training on R for data analysis free course: 

2. There is also the amazingly rich and fully free DataCamp Introduction to R course:

3. Finally, you should try out Swirl:

Now on to Python

1. You definitely should read the official Python Tutorial: . It's a short read and helps you get a very good grasp of how Python works.  Don't forget to set it to the version of Python you use.

2. Then give the everly amazing Udacity course on Python Introduction a try:

3. Time to deep dive into Python for Data Analysis on DataCamp:

4. Finally, take the aspects that delight you in the comprehensive Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science:

And you are well on your way to becoming a proficient data analyst. 

Best of luck!


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