Don't Ever Give Up On Your Dream

Today has been a great one for me. I finally broke into the corporate finance world! Passed a four stage interview to join the most prestigious freelance community as a finance expert. Wished I could show you my winning slides, the ones from the live project I had to do for the last interview stage.

I remember in 2012, a colleague at work asking me if I knew financial modelling. I knew nothing about it. Now, not only am I building financial models for people, I teach people financial modelling (even have a class this weekend) and have just got a finance expert freelance role.

The same way I am now feverishly obsessed with becoming a web app developer, I used to be obsessed with working in the investment and corporate finance world. I find everything about that world fascinating. And now I can assuredly say that the dream has come true. And most striking part of it all is that it came true when I had even forgotten about the dream. But somehow all the efforts I had taken when I was obsessed with the dream are now bearing fruits.

It is the third of my wild dreams that have come true: becoming a Microsoft MVP, setting up my own business and, now, becoming a recognized finance expert.

It shows that pursuing your dreams, even when they look like moonshots, do pay off handsomely in the end. You end up achieving them, and like me, it could even be long after the fervor has simmered down.

So what dream have you once had? What dream are you nursing? Don't give up on them. Follow your passion for them. Put in the work even when results look unattainable. And I guarantee you that someday, you will see it come true.


  1. Thank you so much for your inspiring words. I know that with the recession, unemployment, stunted careers, etc dreams seem like a luxury and it becomes so easy to just focus on earning an income. However, regardless of your current situation I believe that we should keep working towards a dream tenaciously - even if it's in small bits of action - and surely an opportunity will come to make it possible. Giving up is never an option. Ask Bill Gates & Late Steve Jobs.


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