Journeying Into Financial Journalism

I have been given opportunities to write for two big international finance blogs.They are both non-paying gigs but I see them as the start of something big for me.

I have been reading the materials from my last year six months Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa Financial Journalism course. 


I plan to focus on frontier markets using my practical experience with the Nigerian market. I have proposed a few topics to the editor of one of the blogs and he has helped me with some useful feedback on what audience they target and what they expect overall from me. 

Unfortunately, my current blog writing style won't cut it. I have to be more journalistic and less me me in the articles I would be contributing. And being for a finance and investment niche, I would need to do some research and gather facts for the body of my article rather than sling nice sounding words around like I currently do with my blog. The hardest part is that I have to write for an international audience -- more than 50% American. What can I write that won't be lost on them? What do I know that will be useful and worth reading about to them? The only conclusion I have found so far is that I should stick to writing about the frontier markets. 

In one of the blogs, I am allowed to write about more abstract financial stuff. Like the technical bit of financial modelling and valuation but with a unique twist that will interest their audience. 

Now I am reading up on how to do this professionally and then I will start reading up on frontier markets. I have already subscribed to market news on Flipboard. Next is to setup a google alert on frontier markets and scour Bloomberg Terminal for all in their archive about the frontier markets.

I will be sure to share with you the links to any of my articles that get published. 

Wish me luck!


  1. Ever impressive Michael.I like your "go get" attitude.Absolutely nothing seems to faze you thats rather impressive.Well done , and I genuinely wish you all the best.Keep flying the Nigerian flag on the international stage.You are indeed truly a trailblazer.


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