Been Writing Similar Work Work Stuff The Past Few Days, Need New Post Ideas. Please.


The too much stress from work has gotten deep into my head and it is undesirably making me write too much work work stuff blog posts recently. I want to break out of that cycle. I need your help.

Some of you have been very generous in giving me blog posts ideas via your comments and emails. I still need more. 

The way the blog post side of my brain works is in a semi-conscious way. Semi-voluntary. The words I type are a conscious choice of mine but the topic to write about is not my conscious choice. Something else deep in my head decides what I should write about, often from what is currently happening in my life, and I am not allowed to protest.

So the only way to influence what I write about is to immerse myself in the type of things I want to write about so that that subconscious topic picker will pick something in that line. And that is why I am asking for your suggestions and ideas. Then I can begin to take my mind off the daily work grind and hopefully write more interesting stuff rather than bore you to anger with work whining.

A couple of people have asked for more investment related blog posts. A few have asked for more R and Python tutorials. Some have asked for a blog post tackling their specific question, since I am now very slow to answer emails and seem like I would rather write a blog post than type out an email reply (not completely true).

Tout a faire, I need as much blog post ideas as I can get. So please do help.



  1. I believe a post about how you are coping as an SME in light of the present economic travails should be a good read.

    Now that you are building a team, i have someone who studied Maths and Statistics and i had hired him many years ago for a SIWES position based on his solving an EXCEL problem for me. he was till recently a Business Analyst/Accountant/Financial Controller for 1 of the LAGBUS franchisees until recently when changes in government policy killed that business.
    Could you try him out?
    Best regards,

    1. Thanks sir! I got an email from him. Replied him and hoping to take it forward.

      Thanks again.


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