Creating A Daily FX Rates App

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I spent the bulk of Saturday creating the backend python scrapper for daily FX rates for over 40 countries. Its main difference is that it will provide you the rates in Naira. So you don't have to recalculate from the usual dollar base back to Naira. When you are looking up the exchange rate for China, India, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and other countries including the popular USA, UK and Canada, you are seeing them listed in Naira. I included a lot of African countries too.

I have also created API access to them, you can checkout the documentation at 

Next step is to include them in my Excel add-in.

As an addition, I did similar backend scrapping for the popular stock indices in the world -- from our own NSE All Share Index to Dow Jones and FTSE. 

The best part, especially for business folks, is that you can access historical foreign exchange rate for the over 40 countries all in one place. No more jumping from one site to another. Added to the advantage is that the base is our Naira, you won't have to convert first to dollars and then to Naira. Academic folks to can use it for their research work. 

I have been slow on the Excel add-in because I am creating the newest type that requires JavaScript coding and not the usual familiar VBA. Since I am done with all the backend and API creating parts, I will soon pour myself into finishing the add-in and releasing it to everyone for their use. I will make it free in the beginning, but ultimately I plan to monetize it. It is part of my grand scheme to create mass market products.

I will also see if I can create Android, Windows and iPhone apps from the final work. Should put us in the right limelight. I just have to get this grunt work part sorted and then I can veer into the flashy parts.


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