Never Let Knowledge of Your Ignorance Hold You Back

Sorry I had to use the picture of Donald Trump. I can't say it is the most relevant picture to use but it was the best I saw while searching google for "ignorance hold you back". And it looks lovely.

Today, I completed my first professional financial article for post consideration on a global finance blog. And this post is to encourage you that if I, without any finance education background and any proper formal finance/investment training, can break into the field of corporate finance, you should never let your ignorance hold you back. My journey so far has been one of ignoring my ignorance.

While many people will give up because they know that they are not skilled enough I put myself forward because I know that I will never be skilled enough. I have learned that the things I didn't achieve were the things I didn't attempt so I now attempt everything I want to achieve without paying attention to my competence level. I take my focus away from what is the worst that can happen to what if I succeed.

Today, I am a recognized (by paying clients) finance and investment expert and not just locally but internationally. Today, I am breaking into the world of financial journalism writing for big name blogs that operate in the international arena. It is not a matter of whether my article will be accepted or rejected but a matter of this is a new beginning. If they reject the article I will find another publisher who would accept it or self-publish it on The Motley Fool.

If you have a dream you want to see come true, then you have to start knocking on the doors of those who can make it come true. That's what I do. I put myself out there, get someone to pay me to do what I don't know and then set myself up for success. I used to think it is being a fraud or setting myself up for failure, but now after doing it repeatedly and for three years I see that if you focus intensely enough and have a big deadline chasing you, you can learn anything. You can deliver on promises made and even above expectation. 

So my dear friend, as you move into this new week, start doing the things you want to do and becoming who you want to become.



  1. Many thanks for this, very encouraging and deep. Thanks again


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