Phoenix: We Rise From Our Ashes

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To live out our potentials we need to embrace change. We shouldn't fight change.

There are many of us who hate change. Who have a conspiracy theory for every change -- be it at the federal government level or in our workplace. Every change is seen as a deliberate act by someone sinister to undermine our efforts. Embracing change is like a taboo.

If you are like that, then you need to reform. Change for good. Embrace change. Be more open to the natural path life itself follows. Only change is constant in life. It is like a wind, you either get it behind your sail or keep struggling against it.

You should start by not putting yourself on a high pedestal. Too many people are quick to say "I can never do that!" "It can never happen to me!" "Me? Never!" Ordinarily, nothing is bad about those statements. To some, they see it as positive confessions. The worrying part is that many people use it to make life unreasonably difficult for themselves. They box themselves into corners that allow for little flexibility and adjustments to the inevitable change life brings. 

I have friends who see taking commercial bus as a thing of the past, a past God has promoted them from. One of them had an issue with his car and it stayed longer than expected with his mechanic, it so much disoriented him that I had to let him drive my car while I took the public transport. Most of the discomfort he felt were because he had boxed himself into a "public transport is below me" corner. And that is one I can paint a physical picture of, many people have such corners in their career, relationships with people and every important aspect of their lives. They pick a stance and give little room for adjustments. 

They don't see change -- especially the ones that look unpleasant on the surface  -- as an opportunity to let the old burn and the new arise. They are too attached to their narrow-minded rules and valuables that anything that burns those outside things is invariably burning the inner them. Unlike the phoenix, their feathers and inner person are intertwined. They can't shed those feathers without getting a permanent scar.

They can't rise from their ashes. Every trial they go through is made multiple times fiery because they've choked themselves into a tight corner. They can't take heat and can't stand change.They make everything leave a scar on them.

Don't be like them. Embrace change. Give yourself a lot of room. Let nothing stick too closely to you. And, if you can be like me, seek out change. Set yourself on fire once in a while. See what marvel will rise from the ashes.


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