Why Too Many People Don't Go From Thoughts To Action

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There are two broad categories of people I meet -- those who have thought out two seasons each with 40 episodes of what they are going to do, and those who are too busy to think.

Which one are you?

The thinkers are busy doing what is not along their line of interest, so they try to compensate for that by building castles in the air about what they really have interest in. But the other group are too busy working on the episode one of their own dreams that they've got no time to think beyond episode two. 

Some people go from thoughts to action while others keep piling up thoughts.


Comfort zone.

Too many people don't want to leave their comfort zones. They would rather fantasize than take the risk of acting on their dreams. And the deadening part of it is that they give themselves a false sense of pursuit and satisfaction by offering small sacrifices to their dreams. They buy books, take courses, spend money and do everything that doesn't take them too far from their comfort zone. In the end they don't do the very things that make dreams come true -- 100% go for it.

All the books and training they go for give them the blocks for building their air-borne castles. They keep acquiring new thoughts and grand ideas. They keep executing in their head. They never transition from thoughts to action. The stake is too high for them even though they never accept, to them they are just waiting for the opportune time. 

I feel like saying there is no opportune time, I feel like saying they should stop postponing the very life they want. I feel like saying they should shift their focus from "what if it doesn't work out as expected" to "what if it works out better than expected". I feel like telling them "no pain, no gain". I feel like telling them that they are captains of their own destiny and the sooner they steer the ship in the direction of the dangerous adventure they genuinely want the better. I feel like telling them to show more courage and make the sacrifices that matter. I feel like telling them to go from thoughts to action.

But I can't. Because the dangers are real. Their fears are valid. Not all dreams deliver. They've got responsibilities that demand some level of all-round stability from them. They've got, maybe, too much as stake.

All I can say is that if you are not pouring yourself into what you have interest in, then start building interest in what is consuming your time. Stop wasting thoughts.


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