When 24 Hours A Day Is No Longer Enough

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It's worrying how fast the day zooms. I am not an early riser. So on most normal days, I get up at 9:00am. And from that moment till past 12 midnight I am working and feeling like why is the time speeding too fast.

I now feel that 24 hours a day is no longer enough. Not because I have deadlines chasing me nor because I have a daily todo list. I don't have a daily todo list. It is because I still feel energetic at 12 midnight that I have to pull myself forcefully away from work and go sleep so as to avoid the headache that comes with not sleeping deep enough. 

One one hand, I am glad that this is how my typical day turns out as it indicates that I am being productive and constantly working on things I am passionate about. It is only a work you enjoy that will compete daily with your sleep time. But on the other hand, it means that my work is taking over my life completely. 

Today, I woke up at 8:55am. I printed and scanned some documents. I worked a little on my Excel add-in. I did a small analysis for a Whatsapp group I have been a member of since April 2016, the group created for the Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa Intake 3. I showed them via charts who were the most active members of the group, what time of the day we were most active, what day of the week we were most active and the most popular topics/words by month. It was my valentine gift to them. It was a very interesting one and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A couple of the members couldn't believe that one could glean such amount of data and analysis from a simple Whatsapp group chat. In the mid-afternoon, I went to LAPO Microfinance bank to stand as guarantor for my dad. He is borrowing one ridiculously small sum of money. I already told his account officer that there are many things we can sell among his properties that he wouldn't even notice to pay off the loan, so she needs not worry about whether I can pay if he defaults. Even if he defaults, we will raise the money from him, his possessions actually. Then I went to meet the tax consultant working on our income tax filing. By the time I was done and back home, it was already 8:40pm. I worked a little on the Excel add-in again and made impressive headway. The thing is now working great. I can feel myself nearing the publishing date of the add-in on Microsoft app store. And now I am writing today's blog post at 11:20pm.

I still feel like working more before hitting the sacks. I am not feeling sleepy at all. But then I have a meeting at American Tower Corporation tomorrow morning and another at Microsoft in the afternoon, if I don't want to get there late and acting like a dullard, I had better sleep early.

I wish I can get more than 24 hours in a day.


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