The eAdvantage

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What is the eAdvantage?

It is the huge productivity gain you get from using online tools. The multiplier effect on your output that comes from strategic use of online productivity tools.

Everyday, I write. Not just on this blog. I do a lot of other creative writings. The last two months there were many days I wrote over 2,000 words per day. But do you know the writing that gets me the most interaction and positive attention? It is the ones I post online. Especially, the hurried ones I write every morning for this blog. My other writings often fade into oblivion after the week I am done with them, but the ones I post online take a life of their own and are constantly bringing me new contacts. And that is an example of the eAdvantage.

I don't go for networking events and I have stopped offline advertising. Yet I get more client requests than I can handle. Why? The eAdvantage. I run daily Google Adverts. So when people search for "Excel training", "Data Analysis", "VBA programming" and other things that relate to my service, my advert shows up. And they contact me. Saves me a lot of stress and extra staff. 

I like to see myself first as an artist, second as an entrepreneur. And what artists do and enjoy doing is creating. I love to create. Be in new articles (that's why I would rather get late to my training class than skip my early morning writing), or training content for my class, or programs for other people's use. I would rather be creating something than doing something else. I am very terrible at promoting myself. You wouldn't want me to give a motivational talk at your event. So how do I get people to notice my works? You guessed right -- the eAdvantage. If you do a google search for me, I dominate the results even up to the page 10 (and beyond).

I have contacts in places -- high and low, far and near. That I don't make use of this advantage is another thing entirely. And how did I amass most of these contacts? Again, you guessed right -- the eAdvantage. Weekly (wanted to say daily as it's multiple times a week) I get emails from people from across the globe. Nigerians and non-Nigerians. Telling me how helpful they've found my articles and contents and training materials and me. And some become friends. 

And most importantly, my business has survived and somewhat flourished because of the eAdvantage. I have peace of mind and assurance of greater things to come for the business because God has given me a safety net in form of the eAdvantage. With that advantage, I can get some results consistently and predicatably.


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