One Should Only Tell You Sweet Things

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Occasionally, I dream a movie. It, again, happened today. It gives me hope that I will be a movie director someday or at least write books that will be turned into a movie.

I checked the sales record for my novel, Akin Smith (on Okadabooks and Amazon) it has been bought a combined 153 times. Mostly for free (promo price). An elderly man even gave it a detailed review on Amazon (you should read it here). Everyday I am getting more ideas of stories to include in the novel. I will never stop adding to it. Just last week Saturday, in my suburb, everywhere shook for over two minutes as the entire town screamed "Up NEPA!" at the top of their voices all at once. It gave me an extra story to add to the novel. (BTW, the Microsoft Excel for Busy Professionals book is on free promo sales from today to next week, get yours now)

Yesterday, I was filling a form for an event. They asked if I was sure of success in achieving my dreams, what would the top five be. I said I have only one dream and I'm already achieving it. Then they asked if I was the type of person who would always ask for permission first or prefers to ask for forgiveness later. I told them the truth. I am naturally the type of person who asks for permission first. But then I fired all my bosses and everyone I normally would seek permission from. One of the last questions was what are the boldest or weirdest things I have done. I gave them three: (1) I took my first two swimming lessons in a big river in Bayelsa state that flows into the atlantic ocean. I narrowly missed death on my second day. (2) When I got fired from my first job in a leading telecoms company, I packed my bag and headed to Cotonou to practice French without knowing anyone there or making any plans of where to go/stay there. I simply followed the winds for 1 month. (3) I quit my job to start my own business.

Someone continents away left me a message about my Excel training videos:
"After watching the whole video, sounds like I am listening to whole book of Excel, what Excel is all about, when you are planning to deliver all that. In this video entire Excel course has been called out and to be honest it's a six month to one year course. Great job, now I know what I am missing, so any time I need to refer, I will come back to this service. Thank you."

I now have 196 people taking my online Microsoft Excel training course. (You can get it at 50% off by using the coupon code 50pct or registering via this 50% discount link) I am actively marketing it via YouTube to people in Nigeria, USA, South Africa, Ghana and Republique du Benin. Every month I get a paycheck from the monthly sales.

Lastly, I forgot to tell you. In the movie I dreamt today. I was friends with two people who had a troubled relationship. I mostly was making jest of them, sort of bluntly telling them what their problems were. But they weren't annoyed; it seemed I had the personality of a not-serious, can-say-anything type of person. Then towards the end of the movie, I was to be the stand-up comedian at a special event organized by our friends. Most of my jokes were about them. And then in a somber way I told the lady, "you know, one should only tell you sweet things". 


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