It's Intentional


I have been a lot more observant of the path successful people follow, and one thing stands universally clear -- their success is intentional. They had it as a steadfast goal that they worked towards in a way more dedicatedly than others around them did. Their success is intentional.

The path to success is a tough one. It requires a lot of focus, dedicated efforts and not giving up. It starts with thinking about where you want to be and how you want to get there. Then you move on to analysing your options and ways of getting there. Next is to plan the very steps you will take from where you are to where you've identified as you want to be. Then you convert the plan to action. You will face many roadblocks, but you don't give up or give in. You keep at it and never stop doing the things that will get you nearer your success goal. And as we say: then after a lot of water has passed under the bridge, you get there. You achieve your goal: success.

You don't get success from wishing someone gives it to you or the economy hands it to you. Even if the economy booms again, what makes you think you will be well-off than you were in the 6 fat years of Jonathan? It is what you go after that you get. If you keep complaining about people moving your cheese, the maximum you can get is have that cheese back. And nothing more. But if you focus on getting the honey in the rock, all the economic depression in the world cannot stand in your way.

People get what they go after. Success is intentional. Determine to go after what you want. Forget about the sorry state of the economy; forget about what others are saying/doing; forget about getting lucky. What you should get is get intentional about your success.


  1. To achieve something , you have to make efforts by your own. Proper planning can lead to the completion of your goal.


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