The Main Advantages of Being a Full-time Entrepreneur

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Once you are able to get your business to be self-sustaining, I mean have it generate more revenue than the expenses, so you don't need external funding to stay in business, then being a full-time entrepreneur can be extremely rewarding with many main advantages.


1. Unlimited
There is no job in the world that gives you the liberty to do what you want, the way you want as being a full-time entrepreneur does. There are no imposed limitations. No one to seek endorsement from before implementing any great plans you have. There are no office politics to get sucked into and limited by. No single person has any significant power over you. You can try every idea that pops into your head. This is what I now most cherish about being a full-time entrepreneur.

2. Little Distraction
I was tempted to write no distraction because it's approximately that. I don't have to pad my CV with certifications or degrees. I don't have to follow any office culture. I don't have to live up to anyone's expectation. I get to focus very well on what matters. I work however I consider best/optimal. I might sleep during the day and work at night, and not worry about it annoying someone else. I work on weekends and often relax on Mondays. I don't have to follow meaningless trends.

3. Intense Focus
This is from the combination of facing no limits and having little distraction; I am able to pick the very field of business I want to operate and focus intensely on that niche. I don't have to worry that it will limit my job mobility. I don't have to worry that it's not the new hottest skill/field. I don't have to worry about the job market and recruitment trends. I don't even have to worry about what people (especially HR Managers and other business executives) think about my chosen field and skills. What matters to me are my customers. As long as whatever service/product I provide sells well in the marketplace, every other thing is irrelevant.

4. Long Term Strategy
I can have a genuine long term strategy. Their is no short sighted manager to convince. Also I am not bounded by the current strategy of any business. When I spot a future boom, I can position myself for it without the risk of losing my job or being demoted. I can scale down activities that generate instant revenue in favour of ones that will position me for dominant position in the coming future boom. I can more easily think long term -- 10, 20 and 30 years down the line -- than any employee. 

5. Security and compounding growth
The biggest drag with being an employee is having to combat job insecurity, career ceiling and partial restart everytime you change jobs. As a full-time entrepreneur, as long as the business brings money to sustain itself, all my security worries are gone. I also don't face any ceiling. Whatever I can think I can achieve. And most importantly, I can keep growing without any restart. Every of my growth compounds both in my favour and in favour of the business. I don't have to tell people I no longer work for XYZ company and now work for ABC company. I no longer have to restart credibility and relationship building every couple of years. I no longer have to deal with entirely new clientele and shut out old ones because of a job switch.

Every day I wake up as a full-time entrepreneur, I feel very happy and fulfilled that I have picked the best profession in the world. And I have found the job I want to do for life.


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