How To Snapchat

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So you've probably been hearing a lot about snapchat and, as is always the case, everything looks confusing. Well, today is your lucky day.

Snapchat is a special social media app. It allows you to snap pictures and record videos you can edit and share with your friends. They have to view them within 24 hours as everything disappears after 24 hours. But the type of content you can create and share on Snapchat is unrivalled by the other social media apps -- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest.

Snapchat is not available on PC or Windows phone. You can only use it if you have an iPhone or Android phone. And for iPhone users you can get it via this iTunes Snapchat Link and for Android phone users, you can get it via this PlayStore Snapchat Link.

Once you've signed up. Make sure you add me. Here's my snapcode. I'll show you how to add friends.

Below is my short video on how to use Snapchat.

(If you are unable to see the video, read this post on your browser via my website)


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