MTN's New Super Cheap Call and Data Plans

Surprisingly, despite the fines and subscriber loss that got many people thinking MTN will want to pass the cost to subscribers in form of higher prices, MTN has done the opposite and is giving what I consider to be the best offers among the telecoms companies.

Two weeks ago, I was checking my account balance and got the following:

Did you notice the "Get N3875 to call all network +312.5MB, SMS V1000 to 131 NOW. Cost N1000. Val/14days"

I had to read it multiple times to be sure I was reading it right. That plainly beats my Airtel plan and don't know of any Glo or Etisalat plan that compares to that. And it will cut down my charges from the current N15,000 -- N25,000 band to under N10,000.

A little digging around got me the entire new MTN super cheap call and data plans. They are:

  1. V1000: For N1000 you get N3875 to call all network and 312.5MB data, valid for 14 days. To subscribe, SMS V1000 to 131
  2. V5000: For N5000 you get N24,500 to call all network and 1,600 MB data, valid for 30 days. To subscribe, SMS V5000 to 131
And MTN's data plans are now way better than SpectraNet, Swift or the ever expensive Smile's.
  1. 30MB for N100 valid for 24 hrs. Text 104 to 131
  2. 100MB for N200 valid for 24 hrs. Text 113 to 131
  3. 750MB for N500 valid for 7 days. Text 103 to 131
  4. 1,500MB for N1000 valid for 30 days. Text 106 to 131
  5. 3,500MB for N2000 valid for 30 days. Text 110 to 131
  6. 10,000MB for N5000 valid for 30 days. Text 116 to 131
  7. 22,000MB for N10,000 valid for 30 days. Text 117 to 131
I am seriously considering ditching my (now) expensive and not so very reliable SpectraNet for MTN data plan.


  1. How much do they charge per minute/second for this promo? very important in determining if you are to subscribe or not.

  2. Do your research well... Spectranet is 25gb N10,000, which is cheaper. However MTN's V1000 thing is just so cool! Rates/sec is quite cheaper, by my calculations.


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