When Progress Is Slow, What Do You Do?

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There are times when progress just seem disappointingly slow. 

A good example is my web app development learning. Somehow, my progress is not fairly reflecting the amount of work I have put into it.. I have begun doing some practicals. You can view the little I have achieved at www.nigerianelite.com 

It reminds me of when I was trying to learn Excel VBA programming. It was extremely difficult for me. Books weren't helping. The tutorials I went through were only good for doing what was in the tutorials. I particularly had a very long struggle with userforms. Then one day, things began to change. I started making impressive headways. Somehow, everything I had been finding difficult became easy and I became good at VBA programming for even very hard projects.

So I am not discouraged. I am patiently going through this phase in my web development journey because I know that when progress is slow, if I persist the breakthrough phase will definitely come.

Next month we will be having our Abuja training class. So far we haven't been able to get good enough interest for registration for the training. Even our monthly Excel class in Lagos has been getting more difficult to fill with participants. Lots of promises but few people end up showing up. 

Like every proper Nigerian would say, "things are just generally slow."

But what do we do?

My answer is we should persist through this slow progress period. Don't give up and don't give in. When the good kind of change will happen, it will be well worth the persistence and patience.


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