The Online Tools I Find Very Useful

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As a consultant, time is my most precious resource and getting the most work done in the littlest time is my daily goal. And I have found a couple of online tools very useful in helping me achieve that goal.

Today, I will be sharing with you what those online tools are.

1. Flipboard

Flipboard allows you to create a magazine that curates the news on fields and topics you are interested in. I find it very useful as I use it to stay on top of happenings in my fields of interest and work. It helps me to stay abreast of happenings, offers and predictions in the fields I am planning to play big in.

2. Google Alert

Flipboard's only shortcoming is that you have to remember to read it (launch the app). But Google Alert solves that issue for me. It delivers the news compilation right in my email inbox. Flipboard seems to have a broader coverage for your chosen topics and definitely a more reader friendly interface. You will enjoy reading the news on Flipboard than via Google Alert.

3. Scrivener

In case you've been wondering how I get my books published on Amazon. Scrivener is the secret tool. It has made my professional writing life easier. It makes it extremely easy to write books intended for publishing and also helps you publish them in e-versions (Amazon kindle version and ePub version). Now I just have to focus on generating the content, publishing is now the easy part.

4. Mailchimp

I use Mailchimp for my email marketing. I use it to deliver this blog post to your inbox. I use it to manage my customer communications and I use it convert prospective clients. It has made me a lot of money and saved me tons of hours by helping me automate things. In fact, it has made me look like I have a very large team or have 54 hours a day.

5. Teamviewer

For my remote training (both when I am the trainee and when I am the trainer), I prefer to use TeamViewer. It has a better video quality than Skype and allows a lot more features suited for training purposes. 

Others are Quickbooks to manage my company accounts, invoicing and receipts. Buffer for social media posts scheduling. FollowLiker for Twitter acount growing. 


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