The Increasing Importance of Internet In Our Daily Lives

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For many of us, internet is on the same level of importance as the air we breathe. We are always connected and working on the internet. A one hour downtime is a hundredfold worse than one hour of no electricity. We are connected on multiple devices -- our tablets, smart phones and computers. And with the recent rise of IoT (internet of things), we are going to be more dependent on the internet for almost everything.

IoT is the extension of the car trackers you buy. Now you can remotely monitor everything in your house -- from your electrical gadgets to your children's toys. And even control them. You can remotely monitor the level of water in the water tank at home and have the pumping machine automatically refill the tank. There are already smart home systems that have a phone app that shows you the status of everything in your home and allows you to remotely control things from anywhere you are. And it's a matter of time before it becomes the norm.

Soon when you want to buy an electric cooker, you will give preference to the one that is internet connected so you can know when it's on for unusually long time or when only the children are at home. And allows you to remotely switch it off. The same for pressing irons, water heater and microwave. And the more you get comfortable with such internet connected systems, you will be more easily sold on buying other internet connected home appliance and even children toys. 

You will buy a fridge that alerts you when some items are running low and also have the capability to re-order items from your prefered e-shopping site. You will buy a security door that has an internet connected camera and able to stream to you the video of who/what is at the door.

You will buy air-conditioners you can control from your phone. If you are going home on a hot afternoon, you simply switch it on 20 minutes before you get home and you meet the room already cool. Same with your TV, you will be able to see what your children are watching and control the TV from your phone. 

Just the same way everything now uses electricity (either from the mains or from a battery) so also will everything be connected to the internet.


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