My Number One Advice For Would-be Entrepreneurs

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If you are planning to start your own business and begin the entrepreneurial journey, you can never get too much help. And today, I want to offer you my own help. In form of an advice. The best advice I have for people considering to start their own company.

The advice is: It is going to be worth it.

When you are on the verge of quitting your day job and starting your own company what is more real are the things you will be giving up and the potential losses, and people will keeping pointing them out to you. The rewards and potential gain often look less sure than those things you will be giving up. There will be days and entire weeks you will be trying to convince yourself that it will be worth it.

Starting a business is a lot like building a house. You first dig into the ground before you start building up. And it's like that when you are starting your business, you will have to go below ground level and be buried in dirt before finally rising up. And it is crucial that you remain motivated through that period of digging yourself into the ground. You should constantly keep in mind that it is going to be worth it. All the sacrifices, efforts, even mistakes and initial expenses will be worth it in the end.

And why do I say it will be worth it? Don't businesses fail?
Yes, businesses do fail just as much as people do lose their jobs. Just imagine the people losing their jobs as companies shrink during this economic downturn. Are they just the incompetent ones? Definitely, no. But one thing is sure for most of them; they will bounce back and maybe get a better job. And it is like that with businesses. Competent businesses, when they fail, always bounce back bigger and better. So those businesses failing statistics are just that -- statistics. You never get the true story behind until you look beyond the numbers. There will always be people who feel they can start a business on money alone. They don't put their minds into it; they simply hire people and make money available to them to run the business for them. They are the ones that inflate the number of businesses that fail. Money is just one part, and a small part compared to the amount of brain work and efforts a business need to thrive. But anyone who put in the brain work, money and competent efforts in starting and running their business, they don't fail; they only move on to bigger businesses.

If you are starting a business with the required competence to succeed, you can be sure of success even if you run aground for a while; you will definitely come up and grow very high. In the end, it is always worth it. And I believe that it is worth it way more than if you had stayed as a non-entrepreneur.

That is my number one advice for you. Don't let anyone discourage you with statistics or stories of businesses that failed and what you will be giving up. If you put in competent effort, money and brain, it will be worth it.


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