All The Free Offers I Have Used Online

Today, I'll be sharing with you the free offers I have taken advantage of online. I'll try to list all but I'm sure I won't remember a few as they are a lot and spanning the over 6 years I've been super active online.


  1. Audible 1 month free subscription to buy an audiobook of my choice. It's still available and you can get yours by signing up at
  2. $50 free Google credit/coupon to run your adverts on Google. Now it's $75 and you can get it at
  3. SafariBooks 1 month free subscription to read books and watch training videos. It's still available and you can access it at
  4. Free Facebook $50 credit/coupon to run Facebook ads. I got this in 2010 and I don't think Facebook still gives it.
  5. Free LinkedIn $50 credit/coupon to run LinkedIn ads. I used this to pitch CEOs and senior managers of companies I wanted to work for. Currently there's no coupon but make sure you're on LinkedIn and check your emails regularly someday you'll get the free coupon email.
  6. $250 per month credit on Microsoft Azure to host websites and cloud services. I used it to host my Excel training videos. I got $150/month from registering for Microsoft BizSpark, and all you need to be eligible is to have a young company (less than 5 years old). I got the other $100/month as part of the gifts that came with being a Microsoft MVP. You can sign up for the BizSpark here,
  7. Netflix 1 month free subscription. Used it to watch some of the movies I saw on Silverbird movies guide. You can get yours here, Don't forget to install Hola too (
  8. Free Google Apps and free 50 custom emails for my domain, I got this in 2009. Now it costs $600/year. It's the biggest online deal I've ever gotten. I have been enjoying it for 5 years now and there's no sign of Google ending that privilege.
  9. $500 Microcontroller C Compiler software for free just by mailing the company and telling them I needed it for my final year project and I couldn't afford it. Obviously, this is no longer available.
  10. All versions of Windows 8 OS, Microsoft Office Professional/Developer, Visual Studio Ultimate and over 1000 other software from Microsoft. Benefits of being a member of BizSpark.
  11. Camtasia Studio for making training videos, JetBrains WebStorm for professional web coding, PluralSight one year subscription for online technical training and many other expensive software. All for free as special third party offers to Microsoft MVPs.
  12. Corporate Finance by Ivo Welch. It costs $60 but the author has made it available to read online (for free), It helped me in my financial literacy journey.
I can't remember the others and I need to prepare for a training I have this morning.


  1. nawa o. only you.... I'm jealous

    1. Hehee. Just wait till I update the list. Between 2014 and now, I have enjoyed dozens of free things online.


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