How To Join Windows Insider Program And Get New Features First

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Technology is like a wave, you are either riding it or far behind it. I try to ride it. I set up google alerts to daily update me of happenings in the technology space I operate. I also set up Flipboard on my iPhone to monitor trends in those fields. That way I know what is happening, what will happen and where the whole industry is heading.

Since I'm a Microsoft platform person: I use Microsoft tools for my business from Excel training to programming and app development. I try to keep up with Microsoft and be aware of all the new tools they've built/made available. One of the best ways to achieve this is to join the Windows Insider Program. Register.

Then go to settings on your Windows 10 computer. 

Click on Update & Security

In the Windows Update tab, click on Advanced options.

And enable the Insider Preview.

Now you'll always get the new Windows 10 features and tools first. I set mine to Slow Ring, that way I get updates that have been well tested.


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