Where To Get The Best Deals Online For Different Product Categories

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As much as people try to underplay the internet by saying it hasn't changed the way they do things they overlook the obvious ways it has altered their lives. A good check of whether it has affected you or not would be to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. When was the last time you bought an audio CD or VCD or DVD? Or is it that you no longer acquire new music or watch new movies?
  2. Do you use internet or mobile banking?
  3. Do you still buy recharge cards (especially the ones that require scratching off some grey coating to reveal the long numbers you have to patiently type and wait for network confirmation)?
  4. Have you ever bought anything online -- from airline booking to ebooks?
  5. Do you use Whatsapp, Facebook, BBM or Skype?
The internet has changed the way we do a lot of things. It has even lead to new kind of businesses - online shopping businesses, Uber and online newspapers.

Also I have found out that some of the best deals are online. And today I will be sharing with you how I get the best online deal for different product categories.

1. Phones, Gadgets and Computers 
If you are thinking of buying a phone or electronic gadget or laptop the best place online to get it at ridiculously low prices are Amazon and Ebay. Especially via their daily deals. 

And what if you don't see what you want among the deals? You can still get it at a huge discount on Amazon if you search for it and pick to buy from a third party seller (with options of new, like new, very good...). And for Ebay, you can bid for it at a price way less than new or be fortunate to see it on sale at a very reduced price.

The tricky part to using Amazon and Ebay is how to get them to ship you the products (to Nigeria). People have different ways of fixing that -- from using a family/friend in US to a third-party shipper. I now use MallForAfrica.com 

If you want a strictly Nigerian alternative, visit www.jumia.com and www.konga.com and www.yudala.com

2. Books
Amazon is the best place online to get books are the cheapest prices. You can choose to have it in ecopy (kindle version) or hardcopy new or hardcopy used. Used books are crazy cheap, often a fraction of the price of new.

3. Hotel booking and Flight booking (even vacation bundle).
For hotels in Nigeria, just head to Jovago.com and Hotels.ng

For flights in Nigeria, just head to www.flydanaair.com, www.flyaero.com, www.arikair.com and www.flyairpeace.com Pick the one with the cheapest price. However, note that Arik Air and Aero Contractors are notorious for canceling or postponing flights. Air Peace seems most reliable (schedule-wise) of the lot.

For vacation bundles and foreign flights/hotel, go to www.wakanow.com

4. Training Courses
Nothing beats Udemy.com price wise for value.

And that's it for today's post.

Need to rush for my training class. Almost late.


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