Three Foundational Principles I Learned And Live By

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I strongly believe that God has given us the answers to a lot of the things we disturb him for. How? He created order in the universe and put in place principles that govern a lot of things. It is why He says (my) people perish because of lack of knowledge. I remember back in the university, at church we often discuss why the very ungodly guy/girl sometimes have the best academic result why more than half of the most godly in the class who pray a lot for excellent results get average or even very poor results. The answer is clear: you reap what you sow. If you sow excellently towards your academic pursuit you will reap excellent results. I saw a couple of my very godly friends get battered from not obeying that simple rule. They tried to fix their academics with spiritual work rather than academic work. Just the same way some of us try to fix our relationship with God with physical activities/work. Giving to God what is Caesar's and giving to Caesar what is God's.

I have found three principles foundational to living a good life. There are:

1. You Reap What You Sow
This is the most important foundational principle. You can't sow orange and expect to reap banana. Treat people the way you want them to treat you. You can't put in very little effort into something and expect to get more results than the guy who put in x200 your effort into the same thing. You can't treat people like scum and expect them to respect you. You can't be lazy and just thinking things in your mind and expect big tangible results that people who work their butt off get.

2. Diligence Leads To Success
Do you see a man diligent in his work? He will stand before kings and not mere men. That principle is fundamental. Pick a work and be diligent in it, any work, and you will see results that will blow you away. Diligence always leads to success. 

3. Kindness Opens Doors
If you are always kind to others. Giving without expecting back. Helping whomever you can. You will encounter lots of open doors. Why? People are the doors. The very people you help.


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