For The Third Time I Have Been Awarded The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award


Yesterday I got the notification of award email from Microsoft. So for the third consecutive year, I am a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and get to keep for another year the $6,000/yr Visual Studio with Enterprise subscription and other numerous non-monetary benefits.

For the last two years I have been the only one in Nigeria and Africa to have the award for Microsoft Excel expertise. Hopefully, this year I should be getting a colleague. There are a lot of people doing the near impossible with Excel in Nigeria (and definitely in other African countries) and they are also actively sharing their knowledge. Which is primarily what Microsoft considers for the award.

I am grateful to God and to Microsoft for the award. It's one of those things I got without much effort and falls definitely under grace (or luck). I will keep putting my best in all I do and be appreciative of the results -- both deserved and non-deserved -- that I get.


  1. Congrats man. Was just researching on Excel MVPs in this part of our world and found your name on the MVP site plus your website. It is a great achievement. I am looking forward to going in same direction. Will get in touch for tips

    1. Thanks! Will be glad to give you all the useful tips I have.

      Cheers, Michael.


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