Be Necessary


To be successful in business, and maybe in life too, all you have to do is to be necessary. Provide a service that is necessary. Doesn't have to be complex. Let your impact be one of necessity.

I hear too many people complain that they are not well appreciated at work or by family and friends. And that is a two part problem: one part is genuine appreciation is more like a reflex action and the second part is there is obviously an expectation mismatch. If you saved a person's life, you'll be embarrassed by the level of appreciation he will show. And it's also same with the little important things you do that are of value to someone else. They will naturally show you appreciation. Maybe how they show it and the level to which they express that appreciation doesn't match your expectation, but then that will be a problem with you and not with them. Why? Appreciation is a reflex action. So it's either you expected too much or dealing with an outlier (exceptional case). And most times, it is the former: you expected too much.

If you feel unappreciated. You are paid much less than someone you believe contribute less value or work less than you. You are not well appreciated by your close friends and family members. Your help is not well recognized. And such like. You need to evaluate the context. If you work in a job role that the salary scale is N120,000 - N180,000, the moment you start comparing yourself with someone else whose job role salary scale is N250,000 - N320,000, it doesn't matter whether he works half has hard as you or contribute much less value to the company, the company won't double your salary as a way of appreciating your hardwork. If you expect an appreciation in form of salary doubling, you then need to look for a job that matches your pay expectation. And it's same for family and friends, people show appreciation in different ways and to a level they can afford. You can't expect a gift of car from someone who has a motorcycle. You can't expect to be worshipped by your friends for a help you rendered. It won't be a friendship anymore but a cult or some new religion. The moment you expect too much, you can be sure of feeling unappreciated.

And lastly, are you really necessary?
I do a lot of projects that come from top down. The MD contacts us and awards us the project and puts us in contact with his members of staff that we need to work with to get it done. And I constantly notice how the staff have a bigger evaluation of their value to the company than what the MD has about them. Especially companies run by the founder. The founder feels anyone is replaceable, afterall he started the company himself/alone. One of the staff feels the company will crumble if he leaves, that he is irreplaceable. Result: he never feels well appreciated. 

When it comes to your necessity, you are not the best evaluator. Let the events unfold it to you and you can adjust your position or place accordingly. But in the end, make sure you are necessary.


  1. Wonderful writing, however sometimes, u dnt wait for events to unfold it for u, cos u go wait tire. Sometimes, u need to blow ur own trumpet and demand for what u think ,u deserve. But the rule is, u must be frank and realistic with ur self.

    1. Yes! You're very right! You can always negotiate a better deal too. Make it clear the appreciation you want before rendering the help/service. Avoids expectation mismatch.

      Thanks for the insightful comment!


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