The Changes I Will Like To See Happen In Nigeria

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If I have the power to change things in Nigeria, these are the things I will make happen.


1) Free Education Till University Level
Even if it will put us into HUGE debts. The benefits will always outweigh the costs. We will have a more productive people. People who will make better health decisions. People who will build better families. People who will value lives more. People who will respect the rule of law more. People who will build more industries and better companies. People who will reason better. People who will more easily use new technologies. People who will respect others more. People who will read more and write more. People who will have a better sense of living fully. People who won't need to be coerced/threatened before vaccinating their children. People who won't take drugs without knowledge of what it does or prescription. People who won't be roaming with cows from state to state. People who won't be killing others for rituals. People who won't be asking for the impossible. People who will understand how an economy works. People who will hold the government responsible. People who will be better at everything they do.

It will save us the money and time and lives groups like Boko Haram claim. It will save us from constantly running "Kick Polio Out of Nigeria", "War Against Malaria" and other projects that education would have fixed the issues they are aimed at permanently.

2) Good Infrastructure
Electricity across the entire nation. Always on. Will be priority number one infrastructure. A lot of things will naturally get better with constant electricity. People will be more entrepreneurial, creative and education will improve in rural areas. In fact, electricity will make most of our human capacity problem disappear.

Good roads, rail transport, airport for every 3 neighbouring states. With good roads, agriculture will get a great boost and farmers will have a better living standard. Plus food will be plentiful. And regardless of the cost and mistakes it will take, having a good network of rail transport will do the miraculous for us. And, regardless of economic activity in those states, there will be an airport for every three states. As for water transport, it just needs better regulation. We won't be building new rivers and seas.

3) Research Labs Across The Country
Labs that will work closely with both the educational sector and industries to aid knowledge transfer and development of new more effective technology.

4) A Slimmer Government
Governments, everywhere, are a drag on the economy. They are a necessary evil though. But they achieve more when they get out of the way. Their focus should be more of laying down rules of engagements, enforcing transparent regulations and formulating well thought out policies. Our government is too big, and too black. No transparency. It should be one quarter of its current size and should stop dipping its hands into too many things.

How can I make these happen? I don't know. Maybe if I win a quiz organized by God and the prize is for me to become God for 10 minutes.


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