Took My First C# One-on-One Class Yesterday. Best Teacher I've Ever Met.

Good morning.
I came across a not so good news/rumor yesterday: that the CBN is planning to bar Naira ATM cards from making international transactions as from January 1, 2016. I hope it is not true. I am already considering loading my Payoneer Mastercard with as much dollars as I can before January 1, 2016. I have too many services I pay for online and rely on for the proper running of my business. Even the $100 maximum a day is a problem already.

Back to today's main post.


Yesterday, I had my first tutor based C# training class. I have two different teachers, one is an Indian lady in the US who agreed to take me one hour a day every week day. The other is a guy in India who agreed to take me 5 hours equally split between Saturday and Sunday.

I had the first of the weekday class yesterday. It was a great session. In one hour I learned a lot that I never gleaned from the numerous books I have read. Now I know why people prefer to come for live class training rather than do video training or read books. She has been teaching programming for about two years and had been programming professionally for about 10 years. So she had a well structured way of explaining everything, a great training outline/curriculum and excellent illustrations. We used Skype and Teamviewer.

We started with creating C# projects. Then created a Console Application. I learned the basic structure of every C# program. The using statements, namespaces, classes and the uniqueness of the main class.

I also learned how to write to the console and read from the console. I learned to concatenate strings and how to use placeholders. 

I learned the difference between class library projects and application projects. I learned the different types of integer variable declaration, floating variable declaration and string variable declaration. I learned about how to work with file/folder paths using escape character and verbatim literals. I also learned the benefit of knowing the default values of the different variable types.

It was a mighty lot I learned in one hour! I can already feeling myself making great progress.


  1. Wow! that's lovely. How much is their charge rate?


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