The Two General Paths People Take To Having A Happy Comfortable Life

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First, I want you to know that no path is superior to the other and that most likely you don't have the option to choose the path to follow.


Path 1:

We all know or are lucky to be part of those people who get on well early in life. Usually, it is that you get a very well paying satisfying job and no financially crippling shocks. For the few others, it is that they are able to plug into a lot good opportunities and place themselves on a steady financially rewarding growth part early on in life. 

I consider them as those living the opportunities-driven life. They get the opportunities everyone wants relatively easier.

If you are having life easier than most of your friends and you are young, then this is probably the path you on. 

Path 2:

This is the path of those who bloom relatively late in life. They spend the bulk of their youth working harder than most of their friends and for less. They have to prove their value many times over before the opportunities they want come along. They get most of the good things they want later than most of their friends.

I consider them as those living the value-driven life. They have to create the value first and repeatedly before they get the reward for it.

If you work harder than most of your friends and don't have any wow pictures to put up on Facebook/Instagram, then you should be hoping you are on this path.


The truth is most likely you can't choose the path to follow, you can only try not screw things up on the path you are on. If you have lots of opportunities, then try to constantly make the most of them. If you have to prove your value over and over before you get an opportunity, then you have to be comfortable with postponing the fancy vacation and other wonderful things your friends post on Facebook.

Figure out where you fall and be happy with what you've been handed in life. Do more of the things that improve your chances and capacity. In the end, whether you start slow or not, you can always do all the things you've dreamed of doing. You might be posting your own photos late but eventually you'll have them. The key is to not run using another's clock (my favorite Yoruba proverb).


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