Never A Year Like 2015. For me and For Nigeria.

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For the first time in our democratic history, a seating president failed to win re-election.


As a country, this year has been a very unique one. And for me personally, this year has equally been a very unique one. It stands out among all the years I have a good memory of. A lot of very amazing and unexpected things happened this year.

Also for the first time in many years we are now feeling full-force the effects of accumulated bad economic management. The fall of Oil price that we all knew was going to happen someday has finally happened, and the plan we should have put in place many many years ago is now what we are trying to put in place now. 

For the first time in decades we are now seriously fighting corruption in high places. Politics is no longer looking as attractive as it used to be and thieving is no longer the "expected". Stealing is now corruption.

And for me this year has been a pivotal one. I have grown at a rate I never imagined possible. I have encountered complete re-orientation in many areas of my life and business views. I have had my mind expanded. And most impressive, I have learnt to make a habit of turning my thoughts to actions really quick. I don't waste time and resources overthinking things. I simply fire and re-aim. I do and analyse the results, then adjust my strategy. 

And for the first time in my life, I don't feel restrained by money. I have experienced many times this year how to turn an idea into money. And I have been paid N50,000 and then N640,000 for the same effort. I have seen people even make money from doing nothing more than connecting someone else to an opportunity. The many ways I have seen people make money and experienced a few myself has helped me internalize the principle that an idea is powerful (especially financially powerful). As long as I don't run out of value making ideas, all I need is a sound strategy (which one can get better at with time and practice) to keep printing money out of those ideas.

I am grateful to God for a wonderful 2015. I hope and pray the coming year will have as much profound progressive effect on me.


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