thinking BIG


At the start of this year I had just one main objective: how do I make at least what I was making monthly in my previous job. I accepted all kinds of jobs and worked myself like a slave. And because I was thinking at the level of my objective, I charged very low and bent to the conditions the clients were giving.

It's now end of the year, and I am glad I have stopped thinking at that low level. I am now thinking big. I am much more selective of the jobs I take on. I would rather work on my long-term business projects than do a one-on-one class anymore. I now charge much higher than I used to charge and my new objective is to be Nigeria's number 1 business data analysis company.

I have completely reshaped my thinking. I no longer see myself as a highly skilled data analysis consultant but as a business manager. I have even changed my LinkedIn job title to Managing Director. I am conditioning myself into thinking more as a managing director who will source and manage the resources needed to take the company to the sky, growth-wise.

I am putting almost every money that comes from the business back into the business. I get everything that I feel will help us get to the next level faster. I am more willing to make mistakes and waste money. My number one priority is now growth. The focus is no longer me and how excellently I used Excel for data analysis. If in other to grow the business I need to stop doing the technical bit of the projects, then I will. I am already test driving having a standby team of experts I can shift work to and pay per hour. If it doesn't work well, I will try another model and keep searching for what will work.

I am glad I am in a business I chose myself and thoroughly enjoy, what I need to do is think really BIG. Let go of past awards and present achievement, and move the business forcefully to new heights month on month.


  1. Just what I needed to hear.

    I've found myself in a place [selective as I've always tended to be about what projects to take on] where I sometimes sacrifice a bit of the big picture for the 'now'.

    I think I need to borrow a leaf from your new model.


    1. Hi Imisi,

      Glad you found the article positively challenging. But I think there will always be some compromise between surviving now and pursuing the big picture.



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