Overcoming Fear, Failure and Frustration

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There is only one way I know to overcoming fear, failure and frustration. It is to keep doing the very thing giving you that fear, the very thing you are scared of failing at, the very thing frustrating you. 

Everyday, I fear I might not deliver a client's job. There is always this fear of failure silently following me. And I often feel frustrated. But I am lucky to realise early on that it is normal. Everyone faces the same issues. Even the big guys. No one who is growing and doing very well in business is having it rosy all day everyday.

Take the manufacturers of Kia. Would you believe if I told you that Kia is more reliable, better and safer than Toyota, Mercedes Benz, BMW and Volkswagen? On all tests and evaluation, Kia beats Toyota by a considerable margin. And you know how? The company never stopped improving faster than others. They didn't let the frustration of being considered a cheap and low-value brand get them down. They didn't let themselves be overcome by the fear of not seeing the results of the hard work they are doing. They focused on being the best quality car manufacturer and now, over 20 years later, the whole world is noticing. They have moved from the rear to the front, and are winning awards that Toyota and Mercedes used to win.

Nothing significant is going to get better for you by itself. You have to keep doing the things that will get you to where you want to be. You have to overlook your fear, disregard failure and get used to frustration. You have to overcome this three to get the type of life you want.


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