An Interesting Use Of Power BI To Analyse Domino's Pizza Sales

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First, these are all fictitious data.

I took five different branches of Domino's Pizza in Nigeria and gave them random Managers. I also pulled out their location data as places like Gbagada and Ibadan confuses the map engine in Power BI.

Then I created daily sales target, pizza type sales target and actual sales data for about two weeks.

I launched Power BI Desktop

I brought in the datasets and created relationships between them.

Then I proceeded to making a sales dashboard showing me the sales performance by branch. It has drill-down capabilities, so one can decide to focus on the sales performance of any single branch.

Then I published the dashboard on my Power BI account so I can access it from anywhere and on the go from my phone/tablet/laptop. It also allows me to ask questions a business manager will be interested in knowing.

Can I see sales by manager?

Show me the top sales branch. 

And the fun doesn't stop there. I can access it from my smartphone too. And even set it to alert me when sales reach a specified amount.

And I can share it with the MD and CFO. Cool!


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